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        1. Which artist wrote and released “Abraca-
        2. What was Phil Vassar’s “Just Another Day in
        Paradise” about?
        3. Name the singer who wrote and released “All
        Around the World” on her debut album.
        4. Which group released “Careless Whisper”?
        5. Name the song that contains these lyrics: “In
        a cafe or sometimes on a crowded street, I’ve
        been near you, but you never noticed me.”
                           Answers:                   (c) 2022 King Features Syndicate  changed the name.  flavor to it similar to the Beatles’ “Michelle” and   ers got involved, they wanted to add a French   Marsha.” Legend says that once record produc-  1969. The song was originally titled “Oh, My   5. “My Cherie Amour,” by Stevie Wonder, in   4. Wham!, in 1984.  1980.  Star” competition at the age of 14 in the U.K. in   mance. Stansfield had won the “Search for a   Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Perfor-  1989. The song received a nomination for a   3. Lisa Stansfield, on her “ Affection” album in   his debut album) was

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