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PAGE 14                                To advertise call (775)727-8787                         January 2023
                 TECOPA PALMS


              ~FROM THE GREAT DEEP~
           Created by God, mineral enriched
                   hot therapeutic water.
                           (Genesis 1:6-7)

            Provides pain relief for joint and
            muscle issues due to rheumatoid,                                                                    How to Give Your Pet a Healthy,
            osteoarthritis, and psoriatic arthritis.                                                                     Happy New Year
            Improves blood circulation, helps                                                              DEAR PAW’S CORNER: This week, many
            improve skin conditions and                                                                    Americans are celebrating their newest gift
            detoxification of the body.                                                                    to the family: a cute puppy or kitten, duck
                                                                                                           or chicken, or pocket pets like hamsters and
                                                                                                           Guinea pigs. It’s also a time to form new resolu-
            •  3 Hot Soaking Mineral Pools for                                                             tions in anticipation of the New Year.

                Your Enjoyment                              Deep in the Earth's crust, hundreds of miles   I hope that new pet owners’ first resolution will
                                                            underground, aquifers are geothermally heated by
                                                            magma  chambers, and that  water  is propelled   be to establish a relationship with a veterinarian
            •  30 & 50 amp Pull Through Spaces              through rock with incredible force and energy. As it
                                                            is pushed  through  mineral  deposits,  minerals  are   with expertise in their specific pet. Some pets
            •  Family Friendly / Pet Friendly               dissolved into the water and when it finally makes   need to start or continue a vaccination schedule
                                                            it's way to the surface, it escapes as steam and
                                                            mineral-rich hot water. Geologist, speculate, that   so that they grow up healthy. Puppies are at risk
            •  Free Wi-Fi with Overnight Stay               the water you are experiencing today is millions of
                                                            years old and has never touched a human        of contracting parvo virus, for example, so bol-
            •  RV Park Lodging: RV’s, Cabins,                      (760) 852-4347                          stering their immune system is very important.

                Tiny House, and Tent Sites                   155 TECOPA HOT SPRINGS RD.                    Your vet also can provide advice and tips for
                                                                                                           caring for pets. Guinea pigs, hamsters and
            •  We Host Large Groups and                              TECOPA CA 92389                       rabbits communicate happiness or distress
                                                              OPEN: 7 A.M. – 11 P.M. (Mon.-Sun.)
                Sunday Night Football!               in unique ways that a new owner may not be
                                                                                                           familiar with. Puppies are wiggly and energetic.
            DAILY POOL PASSES                                HAVE YOUR OWN RV?                             Kittens are curious and fearless. Vets can help
                      $20 per person                                   $65 for the night for               new owners navigate these waters and provide
                                                                                                           regular checkups to help keep pets healthy. --
                Good from 7am-11pm                                2 people. Includes pool passes!          Dedicated Vet in Boston
                                                                          (A $70 Value)
                                                                                                           DEAR DEDICATED: Thank you for sending
          GIVE US A CALL TODAY AND ASK ABOUT OUR DEALS!                                                    this! Establishing a care routine with a veteri-
                                                                                                           narian is so important. It should sit at the top
                                                                                                           of owners’ to-do lists, along with providing
                                                                                                           comfortable, warm bedding, a clean and safe
                                                                                                           environment and, especially for puppies, a daily
                                                                                                           training routine. Mark your calendar with key
                                                                                                           dates, including checkups with the vet, appoint-
                                                                                                           ments with a trainer and regular resupplies of
                                           Give us a call  at 702-713-4893                                 food, litter, bedding, and everything else your

          Grooming & Daycare                                                                               new pet needs.
                                                                                                           Here’s to a happy, healthy and fun New Year
          We’re located at 41 Nevada Highway                                                               with your pet!
           160 Ste #1 & #2 in Pahrump. On the                                                              Send your New Year pet pics to ask@pawscorn-
              corner next to Home Depot.
                                                                                                 , and we may share them in a future
             Shelly, our groomer, has many                                                                 column!
             years of experience, and offers                                                                (c) 2022 King Features Synd., Inc.
            free nail trims,  grooming, doggy
            day care, free  pickup & delivery
               within 5 miles of the shop,
             and same day appointments.                                                                       Advertise With Us
          For more information call us at                                                                     Call For Affordable Rates.
          702-713-4893 to get your fur babies smelling pretty.                   Check us out on             Find out what all the BUZZ is about!
          Let’s make their experience count every time.             Facebook@pahrumpgrooming
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