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                                                                                                           other and whose previous results have all been
                                                                                                           normal, but I would be unlikely to recommend
                                                                                                           a screening exam in a person older than 85.
                                                                                                           People who have serious medical conditions
                                                                                                           outside the intestinal tract get less benefit from
                                                                                                           Age 73 is not so old that I would recommend
                                                                                                           against screening in otherwise healthy people,
                                                                                                           and given that you have had eight polyps, I
                                                                                                           definitely recommend a three-year follow-up. I
                                                                                                           don’t know why the gastroenterologist said one
                                                                                                           year, based on the reports you sent me.
                                                                                                           DEAR DR. ROACH: I’m 59 and have a pea-
                                                                                                           sized osteoma near the top-middle section of
        1. A single point in Canadian football is also                                                     my forehead. My grandmother had one in the
        known by what name?                                 Follow-up Colonoscopy Necessary After          same place and never got it removed. It grew
        2. Baseball Hall of Famer Whitey Ford was                    Result of Eight Polyps                to be the size of an egg! I want to have mine
        knocked unconscious by pretzels hurled onto      DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a 73-year-old male.          removed before it gets any larger (it’s doubled
        the field by angry fans in a 1997 episode of     This year, I had a colonoscopy. They found        in size over the past three years). What do you
        what animated comedy?                            some small polyps and one larger polyp. All       recommend?  -- J.K.
        3. In 2003, what Phoenix Suns player became      polyps tested negative for cancer. I have had     ANSWER: An osteoid osteoma is a common
        the first NBA Rookie of the Year who was         two previous colonoscopies in the past 10         benign tumor of the bone. They often occur in
        drafted out of high school?                      years. Polyps were found in each one. My          the thigh or leg, but the forehead is not un-
        4. Before the Wisconsin Badgers and Minne-       gastroenterologist said I should have another     usual and, of course, is cosmetically important.
        sota Golden Gophers football teams played for    colonoscopy in one year. There has been no        Most do not grow and, in fact, more common-
        the Paul Bunyan’s Axe trophy, the winner of      colon cancer in my family.                        ly shrink over time.
        their rivalry game was awarded what?             As you age, is it safe to continue with a colo-   I’ve not seen an osteoma get as big as your
        5. What now-defunct golf equipment retailer,     noscopy? I don’t feel safe having one every year.   grandmother’s, and I can understand why you
        founded in 1967, filed for bankruptcy and was    At what age should seniors stop having a colo-    would be concerned. It is very reasonable to
        purchased by Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2016?      noscopy? My previous gastroenterologist told      get an evaluation. An orthopedic surgeon with
        6. What female tennis player was assaulted on    me to have one in five years. I do a stool test   special expertise in bone tumors is a good per-
        the court by a knife-wielding spectator at the   yearly, given by my primary doctor. -- F.Q.       son to see, and some plastic surgeons also have
        1993 Citizen Cup in Hamburg, Germany?            ANSWER: I read your reports, which showed         expertise in removing bone tumors in such a
                                                         a total of nine polyps, all “sessile” (flat, which
        7. AL Rookie of the Year honors went to Oak-     is higher risk for development into cancer than   way as to provide the best cosmetic result.
        land A’s players three straight times from 1986   those with a stalk), the largest being 8 mm. The   Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer
        to 1988. Who were they?                          pathology report confirmed these as tubular       individual questions, but will incorporate them
        (c) 2022 King Features Syndicate, Inc.           adenomas, none of which had the worrisome         in the column whenever possible. Readers may
                           Answers                       finding of high-grade dysplasia.                  email questions to ToYourGoodHealth@med.
                                                         The official guidelines of the American College   (c) 2022 North America Synd., Inc.
                                                         of Gastroenterology recommend a follow-up         All Rights Reserved
                                   Weiss (‘88).
                                                   7. Jose Canseco (‘86), Mark McGwire (‘87) and Walt
                                                         colonoscopy in three years. I definitely agree
                                     6. Monica Seles.
                                                         with that in people who are otherwise healthy.
                                    5. Golfsmith.
                                       4. The Slab of Bacon.
                                                         Colon cancer does definitely run in families,         M and M Landcare
                                       3. Amar’e Stoudemire.
                                                         but at least 80% of colon cancer occurs in                       775-910-9007
                                      2. “The Simpsons.”
                                   1. A rouge.
                                                         people with no known family history, meaning
                                                         you can’t be complacent even if there isn’t any                         Cynthia
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