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                       Redware Pottery                                                                        Dog Walking      Patio/Deck/Sidewalk Scrub & Spray
        A strange redware pottery item was listed in a                                                        Pet Waste Cleanup  Yard Sanitizing or Deoderizing
        recent auction as a cup. But it looked more like                                                                           Cassandra Churchill
        a squat 2-inch vase with a large opening on                                                                                     Erich Churchill
        one side. The auction catalog called it a “19th                                                                                        Owners
        century glazed redware slip cup,” estimated at                                                                                      Sign up online!
        $200 to $400. But even with a picture we were
        baffled. How was a slip cup used? Or was it just                                                                  
        a typo in the caption for a sipping cup?          This unusual redware vessel is called a slip cup and            
        We kept looking at pictures of redware until      was used for decorating pottery. It sold for $649 at
        we finally found the answer. The cup is used      Conestoga Auctions.
        when decorating pottery with slip, a liquid       the RCA Corporation in 1969. RCA’s model
        the consistency of toothpaste that was forced     K81 has a broadcast band and two shortwave        Hauling &
        through a quill tube to create raised line and    bands, and the console has push buttons to
        circle decorations. This slip cup was probably    preset stations. It has eight vacuum tubes.
        made by the Singer Pottery in Bucks County,       Transistor radios became popular in the late
        Pennsylvania, about 1830. About four quills       1950s, and the last radios with vacuum tubes      Deliveries
        were poked into the open space in the side so     were phased out in the 1960s. Old tube radios
        four lines could be drawn on a piece of pottery   in good working condition sell for $100 to
        at once. The auction slip cup sold for $649.      $150.                                                                      · Dump Runs
        * * *                                             * * *                                                                      · Fire Wood
        Q: I’m having trouble finding a value for an      TIP: Clean dirty cloth book covers with wads                               · Type II
        antique RCA Victor console radio, model           of stale bread.                                                            · Boulders
        K-81, built in 1939. Can you help me?             * * *                                                                        & Rock
        A: RCA was founded in 1919 when Gen-              CURRENT PRICES                                                             · Lot Cleaning
        eral Electric bought the Marconi Wireless         Paper, magazine cover, New Year’s Baby, baby                               · Tree Removal
        Telegraph Company of America (known as            angel sitting on globe, surrounded by early                                  & Pruning
        American Marconi) and renamed it the Radio        airplanes and zeppelins flying by, The Satur-                                 · Grading
        Corporation of America. The company made          day Evening Post, Jan. 2, 1932, image by J.C.
        radios for General Electric and also some for     Leyendecker, 13 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches, $55.                  · Tractor Service Available
        Westinghouse. The company name became             Doll, Kathe Kruse, girl, plastic swivel head,     702-872-8553    7 Days/Week
                                                          painted features, human hair wig, stuffed
                                                          cloth body, tab jointed arms, disc jointed legs,
          LOT CLEANING                                    marked “U.S. Zone Germany” and “Kathe

                                                          Kruse,” 19 1/2 inches, $190.
          & DEMOLITION                                    Art glass bowl, Cypriot, cased, multicolor                  YE OLDE
                                                                                                                      YE OLDE
                                                          flowers all over, textured exterior, white
                                                                                                                DRESS SHOP
            I Remove Large Athel & Salt                   inside, flared, folded in rim, Lotton, 6 1/2 x 9      DRESS SHOP
                                                          1/2 inches, $1,250.
            Cedar Trees, Stump and All!                   Toy, rocking horse, wood, carved, painted fea-
            Stump Grinding Available                      tures, upright leather ears, inserted seat back

                                          Getting Cold    on top, curved rockers with a three-board
               Fire Wood For Sale Outside!                platform, Benjamin Crandall, c. 1850, 22 x 41
              Lot Clean Up & Hauling                      inches, $1,875.

            Demolition & Removal                          Furniture, blanket chest, Chippendale, pine,
              Burned Out Buildings & RV’s                 painted, hinged lid, three drawers on bottom,               I do all forms of:
                                                          ogee feet, painted initials “ML / FR” and date
              Single Wides                                “1786,” 29 x 48 x 22 inches, $2,760.                              Sewing
              Out Buildings                               Looking to declutter, downsize or settle an                     Alterations        Beautiful
              Any Structure                               estate? Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price                     Repairs         Creations

            Friendly, Professional Service. Call for Prices & Minimum  Guide 2022 by Terry and Kim Kovel has the        New Sewing
            Call (775)537-3015                            resources you’re looking for.
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