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                                                                 Happy New Year!
                                                           Best Window Films & Screens
                                                           Best Window Films & Screens

                                                            Keep The Winter Cold &
                                                            Keep The Winter Cold &
                                                             Keep The Winter Cold &
                                                             Keep The Winter Cold &

                                                             Summer Heat Out!
                                                             Summer Heat Out!
                                                             Summer Heat Out!
        * Burned rice? No problem. While it’s still hot,    Summer Heat Out!
        carefully remove to a new pot any rice not
        browned or blackened. Then top it with a single
                                                                                                 www. bestwindow
        slice of white bread. Allow it to sit for several                                        www. bestwindow
        minutes under a tightly fitted lid. The burned     Insulate your windows with Solar Films & Screens! Reduce the heat coming into your home, reduce your
        smell is absorbed by the bread, and the rice is    AC usage, as well as the fading & glare, with professionally installed Sunscape Solar Window Film from Best
        fit to eat. -- M.U. in Michigan                    Window Films & Screens. Perfect for Home, O ce, RV and Auto.  We also have Security & Safety Films!
        * Plastic holiday tablecloths can be a festive           Enha  nc e Y our V ie w       Pet Mesh Rubberized Retractable Screen Single & French
                                                                                               Pet Mesh Rubberized Retractable Screen Single & French
                                                                 Enhance Your View
        addition to any family celebration. But what to                                             Doors, Sliding Doors, Patio & Carport Screens.
                                                                                                    Doors, Sliding Doors, Patio & Carport Screens.
        do if you unpack yours and it’s wrinkled? Get
        those wrinkles out in a hurry with a hair dryer.
        Set the hair dryer to a low setting, and gently
        run the warm air over the wrinkles. Smooth
        and set the table.
        * Freshen rugs without the heavy perfume                                               Custom
                                                                                         Security Doors
                                                                                         Security Doors
                                                                  No Heat/No Glare
        smell of store-bought brands; Simply sprinkle             No Heat/No Gla   r e  Security Doors                                Security Window
        a little baking soda on your carpet and let it sit                               Security Doors Films And Screens
        for about 10 minutes before vacuuming.
        * Wrap the lint from your dryer in 6-inch strips
        of wax paper. Roll it up, twist both ends and
        you have a perfect firestarter.
        * For light and unbelievably fluffy pancakes,
        try subbing the water in your recipe with club                                                                                    Custom
                                                                                         es A Gr
        soda. Yummo. -- E.S. in Florida                                             Makes A Great
                                                                                      Extra Room!
        * Add a few drops of water to votive cups                                     Extra Room!
                                                           Patio Enclosures
                                                           Patio Enclosures
        before adding a candle. The wax will float on     Patio Enclosures                     Makes a Great Extra Room with Good Air ow
        the water, and when the candle burns down,         Patio Enclosures                    or Catio / Pet Room with Solar Screen Pet Mesh  AUTHORIZED DEALER
        it won’t get stuck in the votive glass. -- O.J. in
        Wyoming                                            Save Money on Heating & Cooling! (775)910-5885 or (702)858-8986
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        ginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803.
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