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                                                                                          Oh, come on, it’s not that hard!!

                                 IN ACTION

               BUYER TIPS TO

                HELP YOU BUY

          YOUR NEXT HOME

                                                                                Next connect with a quali ed lender who is familiar with the
                                                                                area and has provided several clients with the loan they need to
                                                                                secure a home in the area in which they want to live. Your agent,
                                                                                because of their experience in the area, will be a great resource.
                                                                                Ask your agent for a recommendation. Then, get pre-quali ed
                                                                                by providing paperwork and information the lender needs to
                                                                                grant you the pre-approval. The lender will be able to tell you
                                                                                what price point you need to be pursuing.  Take that
                                                                                pre-approval to your agent and then get to work.

                                                                                With this information in hand, your agent will be able to locate
                                                                                the best options for you to  nd your perfect home within your
                                                                                price range sooner rather than later. A little homework will go a
                                                                                long way in creating a smoother transaction. Do not be afraid to
                                                                                ask questions.

                                                                                    Remember to be  exible.
                                                                                No, not that  exible, but you get
                                                                                the idea. Not everything will go
          In the market to buy a new home or a new-to-you home?                 on without a hitch, but your
          Here are some important factors to consider before making a           agent will be there to help you
          decision. Buying real estate is a signi cant investment, and it       through it!
          is important to approach the process with a clear
          understanding of your needs and goals. Here are some key              The process can take some time
          tips for buyers to keep in mind:                                      and there are many moving
                                                                                parts. Your trusted agent will be
          It is important for you to choose an experienced agent who            there with you every step along
          has extreme knowledge of the area, one who lives and works            the way.
          in the area will usually be the most helpful to you. Your agent
          should be actively  nding you potential homes, keeping you            In summary, buying real estate is
          informed of the entire process, negotiating furiously on your         a  complex process, but by
          behalf, and answering all of your questions with competence           following     these     tips    and
          and speed.                                                            guidance from your trusted
                                                                                Realtor® agent, you can  nd the perfect home that, not only
          Your agent should represent you and not the seller. This is           meets your needs, but also,  ts your budget as well.
          bene cial during the negotiation process. If you are working          Don't let your dream of owning a home slip away. Follow these
          with a buyer’s agent, your agent is required to negotiate on          tips and take action today to make your home ownership dream
          your behalf without giving the seller or seller’s agent any           a reality. Remember, the market is constantly changing, so act
          information that may compromise your position. Your agent             now to secure your future. If you have any questions or need
          will negotiate to achieve your goals in the transaction, i.e., the    further guidance, Don’t wait to reach out to us and start your
          best purchase price and terms. To help the process, make a list       home buying journey today!
          of  your  wants and needs. Be  sure to  prioritize your  list of
          must-haves, i.e., number of bedrooms and bathrooms,
          location, garage, and overall size of the home you are                  Want more help? Call us, we will help you!
          seeking. Think about your lifestyle and what features you                                    775.727.5858
          would like, such as outdoor space or schools.
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