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        Many St. Patrick’s Day traditions are not from Ireland

                                                         ated by regions with an abundance of Irish        Green beer
                                                         emigrants. Surprisingly, many seemingly Irish     Green beer is not an Irish custom, but an
                                                         traditions likely began elsewhere.                American one. The most common beer con-
                                                                                                           sumed in Ireland is Guinness, which is dark
                                                         First parade                                      brown to black in color, making green dye
                                                         It would be accurate to assume that various ele-  useless in Irish pubs since it would be largely
                                                         ments associated with St. Patrick’s Day began     invisible in the stout.
                                                         where St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland,
                                                         once resided, including the first St. Patrick’s   Golf tournaments
                                                         Day parade. However, some of the first parades    One would not associate golf with St. Patrick’s
                                                         held in St. Patrick’s honor took place in two     Day unless they reside in Nome, Alaska. Golf is
                                                         North American cities, New York and Boston,       a popular Irish pastime, and each year the Ber-
                                                         that had high numbers of Irish immigrants. But    ing Sea Ice Classic Golf Tournament takes place
                                                         historians say the first ever St. Patrick’s Day pa-  right around St. Patrick’s Day. Bright green
                                                         rade was actually held in St. Augustine, Florida   golf balls are used, and breaks are factored in
                                                         in 1601, a year after gunfire blasts were used to   between holes to warm up at local bars.
                                                         honor the saint. The parade may have been at
                                                         the request of an Irish priest living there at the   Wearing green
                                                         time.                                             According to The Christian Science Monitor,
                                                                                                           individuals in the United States started wearing
                                                         Corned beef and cabbage                           green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the early
                                                         What would St. Patrick’s Day be without an au-    1700s. They believed it “made one invisible to
                                                         thentic meal of corned beef and cabbage? This     leprechauns.” The official color for the holiday
                                                         dish is not so authentic after all, and actually   used to be a sky blue known as “St. Patrick’s
                                                         is an American innovation. Ham and cabbage        Day Blue,” established during the reign of King
        St. Patrick’s Day is made special by various     was widely eaten in Ireland, but corned beef      George III.
        traditions. Everything from dyeing major cities’   was a cheaper alternative found in America by   In addition to these traditions, specialty items,
        rivers green to parades to enjoying green foods   immigrants. Therefore, corned beef became a      such as coffees and shakes, also are very popu-
        has become part of the pageantry of St. Patrick’s   staple of poor Irish immigrants living in lower   lar. However, most of these do not have ori-
        Day.                                             Manhattan. The salted meat was boiled three       gins on the Emerald Isle, either. Yet, no matter
        The next time you raise a green beer to your     times to remove some of the brine and make it     where traditions began, there’s no denying St.
        lips, you may wonder which traditions are        palatable.                                        Patrick’s Day has long inspired celebration.
        authentically Irish and which ones were cre-

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