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                                                                                                           a piece of cut glass and it will ring with more
                                                                                                           clarity than pressed glass. Cut glass is usually
                                                                                                           more expensive than pressed glass, but current
                                                                                                           prices vary from under $20 to thousands of
                                                                                                           dollars. Cut glass with a signature or famous
                                                                                                           manufacturer like Baccarat or Waterford tends
                                                                                                           to sell for higher prices. Embellishments such
                                                                                                           as silver mounts or colored glass can further
                                                                                                           increase the price.
                            Lucite                                                                         * * *
        It’s essential for designers to stay on the cutting                                                TIP: Liquid window cleaner is an excellent
        edge of fashion, which often means finding in-                                                     jewelry cleaner.

        novative uses for new materials. Lucite, a clear                                                   * * *
        acrylic resin made by DuPont, was available                                                        CURRENT PRICES

        for commercial use by 1937. By the 1960s, it                                                       Doll set, Effanbee, Suzette, George and Martha

        was used in furniture. Designers often added                                                       Washington, white wigs, painted faces, blue
        accents made of smooth, reflective materi-                                                         side-glancing eyes, 11 inches, pair, $55.

        als like chrome or brass or upholstered their     The appeal of this Lucite trunk is crystal clear. It   Poster, Imagination Celebration, two figures
        pieces with bright, colorful fabric.              sold for $531 at New Orleans Auction Galleries.    in hot air balloon, monster and horned dog
        Another way to decorate Lucite pieces in-         PHOTO CREDIT:                         seated on ground, starry sky, multicolor, Mau-
        volved enclosing decorations, such as flowers,                                                     rice Sendak, Kennedy Center for the Perform-

        in the resin. The clear, shiny material made      revived in Europe in the 1500s. Cut and en-      ing Arts, frame, 13 1/4 x 10 inches, $125.

        designs -- and the rooms they furnished --        graved designs added luster to the glass and     Furniture, stand, magazine, Stickley Brothers,

        look lighter. Some Lucite pieces were made in     helped hide flaws like bubbles. Mold-blown       oak, No. 6617, four shelves, notched crest, cir-
        unusual shapes and styles. Others were more       glass used easier and cheaper techniques to      cular cutouts, two vertical slats on back, paper

        conventional, like this mid-century steamer       imitate cut glass. The mechanical glass press    label, 49 1/2 x 14 x 12 inches, $2,340.

        trunk, which sold at New Orleans Auction          was invented in the 1820s, making produc-        Satsuma porcelain figurine, Kwannon, stand-
        Galleries for $531. This may have an advantage    tion even simpler and less expensive. To tell    ing, holding lotus blossom, multicolor robes,

        over typical wooden or leather trunks: The        the difference between cut glass and pressed     red mark, signature, early 20th century, 15

        clear material means you don’t have to open it    glass, remember the three Ls: look, lift and     inches, $2,560.
        to see what’s inside!                             listen. Cut glass designs have sharp edges, so
        * * *                                             they sparkle more than pressed glass, which      For more collecting news, tips and resources,
        Q: What is the difference between cut glass       has rounded edges. When you pick up a cut        visit

        and pressed glass? Which is more valuable?        glass item, it will feel heavier than a similar
        A: Cut glass is an ancient technique that was     piece of pressed glass. Tap your finger against   (c) 2023 King Features Synd., Inc.

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