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                                                                                                           A Sweet Seasonal Shake

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                                uthentic Me
                           ed in A
                                           an S
           eef & Chick
           Beef & Chicken Marinated in Authentic Mexican Seasonings
                   en Marina

                                                                                                           ( St. Patrick’s Day may call to
                                                                                                           mind hearty meals and pots o’ gold, but that
                                                                                                           doesn’t mean sweets can’t be part of the equa-
                                                                                                           tion, too. Add dessert to your celebration with
                                                                                                           this green Minty Shake, a cold, refreshing way
                                                                                                           to honor the colorful tradition.

                                                                                                           Find more seasonal dessert recipes at Culinary.

                                                                                                           Minty Shake

                                                                                                           Serves: 1

                                                                                                           1      cup whipping cream
                                                                                                           1/2    teaspoon peppermint extract
                                                                                                           2      teaspoons powdered sugar
                                                                                                           1/2    cup milk
           1266 E. Calvada Blvd Ste 2 Corner of Pahrump Valley Blvd.                                       1 3/4  ounces Baileys Irish Cream liqueur
                                                                                                                  scoops mint chocolate chip ice cream
                                                                                                           chocolate syrup
                                                         I claim not to have controlled events, but        chopped sugar cookies, for garnish (optional)
                                                         confess plainly that events have controlled       pistachios, for garnish (optional)
                                                         me.                                               mint chocolate candy, for garnish (optional)
                                                                                 — Abraham Lincoln

              Pahrump’s Premier                                                                            Using mixer, whisk whipping cream until soft
                                                                                                           peaks form. Add peppermint extract and pow-
           Real Estate Company                                                                             dered sugar; mix until well blended. Set aside.

                                                                                                           In blender, blend milk, liqueur and ice cream
          Sales/Rentals/Residential/Commercial                                                             until smooth.
               (775     )727-4444                                      A Call You Can Afford               Drizzle chocolate syrup inside soda glass. Pour
                                                                       A Call You Can Afford
                                                                       A Call You Can Afford
                                                                       A Call You Can Afford
                                                                                                           ice cream mixture into glass. Top with whipped
                                                                                To Make
          WWW.FREEDOMHOUSEPROPERTYMANAGEMENT.COM           Call:(775)253-9885                              cream and garnish with cookies, pistachios and
                                                                                                           mint chocolate candy, if desired.
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