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                                                                                   F F ir eplac     e

                       Large Selection
                       of Chainsaws                                                 TRY BEFORE YOU BUY
                                                                                     Battery Tools Now
                                                                                     Available To Rent
                                                                                        Call or Stop in for details.

                                                                                     Not sure what to get
            Check Our Deals on Air Filters      ART & HOBBY                         that special someone?
                 Save 10% by the Case                                                 We Have Gift Cards!

             Heat’rs Brand                                                                 Local Honey
              Wood Pellets
              Wood Pellets                                                BIG
                                                                     SELECTION                 & Pollen
                                                                Oil Filled Radiant
                                         DEALS ON              Kerosene Heaters
                                         HEATERS!               Propane Heaters

                                                                  Utility Heaters

              $    .29
                7 A Bag
             Need More? Ordering By The Pallet.
               The                       Monday - Saturday 7am to 5pm                               Prices on...

                                Corner of Basin & Hwy 160 • 727-7242                                 PVC
                 Selection                                                                        Air Filters
                 of Nuts & Bolts                                  Hardware
                 In Pahrump.                                                                    Wood Pellets
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