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June 2022                                                    PAGE 5

                   Dine In or Take Away

                Quality Matters - WE ONLY
                   USE THE BEST FRESH

                                                            Tower Pizza ... More like holy cow
                                                            amazing everything!!! If you know,
                                                            and if you haven’t yet YOU NEED TO!
                                                            Absolutely the top hidden Italian Gem
                                                            in this city. Stars aren’t good enough
                                                            ... this meal and the service gets 5
                                                            diamonds. So Impressed. Happy man
                                                            and happier lady.

                                                            First time eating here and I must say,
                                                            it was delicious! My boyfriend and I
                                                            got the  sh and chips and the  sher-
                                                            man’s platter to share. By far THE
                                                            BEST  sh and chips I have ever had!
                                                            Everything was hot and fresh. Shout
                                                            out to Danielle and Tracie for the
                                                            amazing service! We will de nitely be

                       Monday - Sunday                     First time dining at Tower Pizza. The

                          11am - 9pm                       Shrimp was delicious. My Friends  sh
                                                           and chips looked yummy. The pizza
             3561 E. Kellogg Rd in Pahrump                 was good. Best part ... fellowship with
                                                           pastor John and friends.
                                                           I can’t say enough about how amaz-
                                                           ing the Fisherman’s platter was today.
                                                           I came to get the whole belly class,
                                                           which you rarely  nd even in Vegas
                                                           and was just excited about the
                                                           scallops. They were so perfectly fried.
                                                           The scallop inside was still juicy and
                                                           tender. BRAVO!!!
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