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                             By Lucie Winborne

            W              hen Ivan the       pie spice contain no pumpkin       Got a mouse problem at your
                           Terrible’s young
                                                                                 house? Your grocery store might
                                                                                 provide a quick and easy answer
                           son Dmitry
                           died, a bell was
                                                                                 mice are scared of their scent --
                           rung to mark       The world’s oldest known rose      in the form of bananas. Male
                                              bush, which grows up the side
           the occasion. The bell was later   of Hildesheim Cathedral in         especially virgin male mice.
           lashed, tried for treason, found   Germany, was planted more
           guilty and exiled to Siberia. Why?   than 1,000 years ago and even    American radio broadcaster Art
           Local legend had it that the bell   survived a World War II bombing.  Bell stayed on air for a world-
           rang of its own accord, which was                                     record-setting 116 hours and 15
           considered an evil omen.           In some cities, road crews use     minutes as part of a fundraiser to
                                              pickle juice or beet juice to      bring 130 Vietnamese orphans to
           Each team must provide the         combat winter’s icy streets.       the U.S. for adoption.
           referee with 24 footballs for each
           NFL game.                                 If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring

           A neuroscientist suffered a series   “    a folding chair.”
           of strokes that left him with an                                              -- Shirley Chisholm
           irresistible urge to rhyme and
           rap. He made the most of this
           unusual side effect by going
           on to pursue freestyle rap and
           improvisation as a hobby.

           Almost every New York City alley
           scene in the movies is shot at the
           same location.

           Nigel Richards won a French
           Scrabble World Championship
           without actually knowing how
           to speak the language. He just
           memorized words from a French

           We hate to disillusion you, but
           pumpkin spice and pumpkin
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