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        The meaning behind the shamrock                                                                    is deemed to be “lucky.” But that lucky clover
                                                                                                           is not the traditional Irish symbol. Thanks to

                                                                                                           their connection with Ireland, shamrocks are
                                                         rocks are a distinct species of the clover plant,   often gifted by the Prime Minister (Taoise-

                                                         believed to be the white clover. The word         ach) to the President of the United States in

                                                         “shamrock” is derived from the Irish “seam-       the White House each St. Patrick’s Day. They

                                                         róg,” which translates as “young clover.” Over    are presented in a special Waterford crystal
                                                         the centuries, this diminutive plant has come     bowl featuring shamrocks in the design. This

                                                         to symbolize Ireland and many things Irish.       practice started in 1952. Shamrocks also can

                                                         The shamrock also is a popular symbol of St.      be seen on Irish clothing designs, the Erin go

                                                         Patrick’s Day.  The shamrock and Irish culture    Bragh flag and the uniforms of several Irish

                                                         are so intertwined thanks to Ireland’s patron     sports teams. Of course they also are seen
                                                         saint, St. Patrick. Legends attest to St. Patrick   during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The

                                                         using the three petals of the shamrock to il-     shamrock and Ireland will always be linked.
                                                         lustrate the mysteries of the Holy Trinity to
                                                         the Celtic pagans. Each leaf represented the

                                                         Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The shamrock
                                                         of Ireland has three leaves, not four as many
                                                         people believe. The number three had signifi-

                                                         cance in Ireland long before St. Patrick began
        When talking about Ireland and its culture       to convert the masses. According to Blar-
        and symbolism, many different images come, the number three was believed to

        to mind. Affectionately known as the Emer-       have magical properties and was a recurring
        ald Isle, Ireland is perhaps best known for its   theme in Celtic folklore. Because the Celts

        bright green hue. Irish flags and even harps     were familiar with the shamrock, it became
        are symbolic of the nation, but there is per-    easy to convert their knowledge of the sham-

        haps one symbol that most widely represents      rock to the magic of the trinity. The three
        the country: the shamrock.  A shamrock, by       leaves are also said to stand for faith, hope

        definition, is a young sprig of clover. Howev-   and love.  The four-leaf clover is a separate

        er, plant experts actually have said that sham-  entity and a rarity. That is why the fourth leaf
                                                         ping their knuckles was cute, until that kitten
                                                         turned into a full-grown, biting cat.              WE FIX CARPET!!!
                                                         As you’ve probably noticed, yelling, “No” at a

                                                         cat doesn’t always get the desired effect. Instead,
                                                         gently discourage this behavior. Pet your cat as   CLEAN * REPAIR * RE-STRETCH
                                                         usual, but as soon as he begins to bite, withdraw
                                                         your hand and turn your body partly or totally
                                                         away from him. You want to communicate that
                                                         biting means he won’t get your attention any
                                                         Another option, before settling in front of the
                                                         television with Huey snuggled up next to you,
                                                         is to smear a tiny bit of peanut butter or another
                                                         favorite treat across your knuckles. Let him lick
           Positive Reinforcement Will Nip Cat’s         your knuckles periodically while you pet him.

                     Negative Behaviors                  The instant he tries to bite, take your hand away.
        DEAR PAW’S CORNER: My cat Huey will let          Essentially, you want Huey to not see your hand
        me pet him for a few seconds, and then he’ll nip   as a toy or an attention-getter. It will take a few

        at my fingers or knuckles. Am I doing something   tries, but most cats pick up on your intentions

        wrong? How can I get him to stop that behavior?   after a while, so be patient and consistent with
        -- Sarah W., Boston                              this training.
        DEAR SARAH: Nipping at your hand while be-       Does your cat bite? How did you solve it? Tell us
        ing petted is a very common cat behavior (or     at
        misbehavior, depending on which end of the       (c) 2023 King Features Synd., Inc.                 CARPET * UPHOLSTERY * TILE & GROUT
        bite you’re on). It stems from instinctive behav-
        iors that a cat learns from the time they’re born                                                   PAHRUMP FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS
        through adulthood.                                   Advertise With Us
        Ideally, the best time to curb biting behavior is      (775)727-8787
        when they’re kittens, but not everyone has that      Call For Affordable Rates.                       775-253-5938
        luxury -- people who’ve adopted adult cats, for     Find out what all the BUZZ is about!
        example, or owners who thought a kitten nip-
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