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        You Won’t Get Stuck With Pins and Needles

        by Chuck N. Baker

        Fans of vintage rock and roll may well remem-     Held at the Bob Ruud Community Center, the       Also at the show are several quilt retailers that
        ber the song entitled “Needles and Pins.” A few   Shadow Mountain Quilters is made up of a         set up displays and sell threads, notions, pat-
        of the lyrics:                                    group of women who present the annual show       terns and all types of items related to making
        But still they’d begin, needles and pins.         and display their creative work designing and    quilts.
        Because of all my pride, the tears I gotta hide.   making quilts.                                  Of special interest, there is a vendor from the
        Oh needles and pins, needles and pins, needles    Quilter Caroll Zerkle pointed out that many of   northern part of the state that drives an RV to
        and pins.                                         the women use their quilting to raise money      the event. She sets up her Quilt Mobile outside
                                                          for local charities.                             in the parking lot and has a wide variety of
        But residents of Nye County who enjoy the         “Some girls sell their quilts at the show, but   quilting items for sale.
        various trends in quilting don’t have to worry    mostly they were challenged earlier in the       Another vendor is a woman who offers ap-
        about pride, or tears, or getting stuck with      year to make nice quilts and display them at     praisals of antique quilts that people bring in.
        needles and pins. They just have to attend the    the show.” This year the theme of the show is    “If you have an old one, she has ways of looking
        very entertaining upcoming Pins and Needles       Rainbow Express. The women were encour-          them up and finding appraised values.” Zerkle
        Quilt Show being presented by the Shadow          aged to build a quilt around that theme. “Some   explained that years ago the batting methods
        Mountain Quilters March 31 from 9 to 5 and        just display their quilts, and some give them to   were different. Quilting material often con-
        April 1 from 9 to 4. For people who love quilt-   their children or grandchildren, or make them    sisted of odd scraps of fabric. In the 1920s the
        ing, it’s music to their ears. At 4 p.m. on April 4,   for charity, or for a friend that’s sick.”  branding on flour sacks was used as patterns.
        quilting awards will be presented.                At the Pins and Needles show there are several   “They were used to make little skirts for the
                                                          chances to win prizes, including raffle-type     kids, the designs were of flowers or animals or
                                                          drawings. One event is Bed Turning. Quilts are   writing, and the women would work them up.”
                                                          placed on a bed, and the quilter of each one     The Shadow Mountain Quilters offer classes
                                                          tells the story behind the design. “There are all   throughout the year, and sponsor several quilt
                                                          kinds on the bed to show and tell.” Everybody    retreats at a local hotel.
                                                          gathers around to hear the stories, which are      Zerkle said she began quilting when she was
                                                          very personal and of interest to the public.     10 years old, and is looking forward to this

        1. TELEVISION: Which cable TV series
        features a character named Don Draper?
        2. MOVIES: What subject does Professor
        Minerva McGonagall teach at Hogwarts School
        of Witchcraft and Wizardry?
        3. HISTORY: Where was civil rights leader
        Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated?
        4. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president had
        a sign on his desk that read, “The Buck Stops
        5. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the world’s largest
        6. LITERATURE: What is the real name of the
        author Lemony Snicket?
        7. FOOD & DRINK: What is the fruit that gives                       Answers:
        the liqueur creme de cassis its flavor?
        8. MUSIC: What inspired the Beatles’ song                                   10. Dreys.  9. Frances Ethel Gumm.
        “Blackbird”?                                                                McCartney.
        9. CELEBRITIES: What is singer/actress Judy                                   7. Black currants.  8. Civil rights unrest in Little Rock, Arkansas, according to Paul
        Garland’s birth name?                                                          6. Daniel Handler.
        10. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What are squirrels’                                      5. Antarctica.  4. Harry Truman.
        nests called?                                                                    3. Memphis, Tennessee.
        (c) 2023 King Features Synd., Inc. Answers -->                               1. “Mad Men.”  2. Transfiguration.
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