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                             By Lucie Winborne

            N          intendo was            ending and the bestowal of the     experience when unable to recall
                                              gentleman’s $230,000.
                                                                                 another person’s name.
                       founded in 1889
                       as a playing card
                                              Not only can you be right-handed  Though heavy metal music
                                              or left-handed, you can be right   originated in the U.S. and the
           Garbage collectors in Turkey have   or left eared and eyed.           U.K., Finland has the most metal
           filled their own library entirely                                     bands per capita, with Sweden
           from books thrown away by          “Tartle” is a Scottish word        and Norway tying for second
           residents. Originally destined     referring to the feeling of        place and Iceland coming in third.
           for landfills, around 6,000        hesitation or panic you
           tomes are now safely housed on
           shelves, waiting to be reread -- or       Management is about persuading people
           discovered -- by the public.       “      to do things they do not want to do, while

           The World’s Largest Collection            leadership is about inspiring people to do
           of the World’s Smallest Versions
           of the World’s Largest Things             things they never thought they could.”
           is a museum in Lucas, Kansas,                                                         -- Steve Jobs
           created by Erika Nelson. It
           consists of miniatures created
           from photos of the world’s
           largest objects.

           On May 9, 1945, reports that
           Nazi Germany had surrendered
           to the USSR triggered a 22-hour
           celebration that caused the
           country to temporarily run out of

           An Arizona man didn’t realize
           he was a big winner at a Las
           Vegas slot machine because its
           lights and buzzers never went
           on. Fortunately, an investigation
           by the Nevada Gaming Control
           Board resulted in a happy
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