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             If You Need It Or Want It, It’s At

             Nye Emporium

             by Chuck N. Baker

             Some people say that an emporium is a store
             carrying many di erent kinds of merchandise
             that you know you just don’t need. But once
             you’re inside, you realize that it’s  lled with
             merchandise that you just can’t live without!
             The latter isan excellent de nition of the Nye
             Emporium in Pahrump.
             Owner and chief expert Diana is a transplant
             from Ojai, a small town in California. She
             moved to Pahrump more than 25 years ago,
             when her husband came here for his work.
             She went to work for an auction company that
             was located in the building that now holds the
             Nye Emporium. “I was the cashier, and when
             the auction company moved out, I stayed. I
             brought in some personal items to sell, and
             then I took it from there.” She said that “You
             never know what you’ll  nd here. If you want
             it, we probably have it!”
             Pahrump is not California. But she said that        trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles
             “When I  rst got here to Pahrump, I loved it. I     outside. Some people call her operation “The
             love the people, I love the community.”             little diamond in the desert.” The Emporium is
               Diana specializes in buying estates and then      open Wednesday through Saturday from 10
             selling the items. “That enables me to provide      a.m. to 4 p.m. “We have vintage clothes, house-
             customers with everything under the sun,            hold goods, appliances, microwaves, furniture,
             basically.”                                         antiques, collectibles, vinyl records, cd’s,
             Her business contains 8,000 square feet, and is     games, video, just about anything you can
             located at 850 S. Lola just o  Highway 372.         think of, I usually have. I have multiple storage
             She manages to do everything herself, includ-       units and trailers full of stu . Old toys, a lot of
             ing buying and stocking and merchandising.           ne art and standard art, picture frames, patio
             “People call me if they have items they want to     sets, yard art, washers and dryers, military
             liquidate. They have a family member who            memorabilia, sporting goods and sports
             passed, I come out and give them a bid. I           memorabilia. And I also do consignments.”
             totally wrap everything up for them, and it’s       Some items in her inventory are sold online.
             kind of a service. I pay them and I try to give     Details are on her website, nye.empori-
             them a fair price. For my seniors it’s been a In addition to all that, there are
             Godsend. A lot people keep in touch after-          vendors who have booths in the store and who
             wards. They call me on holidays. My customers       have even more items for sale. Everyone is
             are the best.”                                      encouraged to come in and browse. But you
             The store is not only  lled inside with mer-        can also call the store at (775) 727-6565 to ask
             chandise, but occasionally her stock includes       questions.
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