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                                                                                                           D, available treatments include steroids and
                                                                                                           pamidronate (an injectable medicine similar
                                                                                                           to alendronate and other drugs used to treat
                                                                                                           osteoporosis), which can quickly bring the
                                                                                                           calcium levels back down to normal.
                                                                                                           Without this kind of intervention, a vitamin
                                                                                                           D level will still come down on its own, only
                                                                                                           more gradually. Vitamin D3 is removed slowly
                                                                                                           from the body, because it can go into fat tissue.
                                                                                                           It takes about two months for half the excess
                                                                                                           to be removed from the body, but because the
                                                                                                           active forms are removed more quickly, toxic-
                                                                                                           ity from excess vitamin D3 usually only lasts
                                                                                                           for weeks, not months. Still, you are likely not
                                                                                                           to need any vitamin D for many months, and
        1. Who penned an article -- intended to be an
        April Fools’ Day joke -- for the April 1, 1985,         High Doses of Vitamins Lead to             if you do take it again, do not exceed the safe
        issue of Sports Illustrated about Sidd Finch, a                 Vitamin Toxicity                   dose of 5,000 IU a day. I recommend you also
        fictional New York Mets pitching prospect who    DEAR DR. ROACH: I have been diagnosed             get your blood levels tested. Recent studies

        threw a 168-mph fastball?                        with vitamin D toxicity, according to the blood   have questioned the benefit of supplemental
        2. Eric Piatkowski, a 1994 first-round NBA       work from a month ago -- my result was 122        vitamin D for most people, although some

        Draft pick for the Indiana Pacers, has his No.   ng/mL. I was taking high doses of vitamin D3      people, such as those with osteoporosis and

        52 jersey retired by what college team?          in pill form (15,000 IU a day for three years)    low vitamin D levels, probably still benefit.
        3. What figure skater from Japan became the      bought from a drugstore. I have stopped tak-      I’m very glad you wrote. Many people still

        first woman to land a triple axel in the Olym-   ing it, but I need to know how long it will take   don’t know that excess of some vitamins can

        pics when she accomplished the feat at the 1992   to have a normal amount in my body. (Weeks,      occasionally be dangerous. Vitamin A is the
        Albertville Winter Games?                        months?) Can you shed any light on this           other vitamin where high levels can be very
        4. Name the Kansas City Chiefs running back      question? I would like to take it again when      dangerous.
        who died while attempting to save three chil-                                                      ***
        dren from drowning in a Louisiana pond in        my level comes down, but in a lower amount.       DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a 67-year-old
        1983.                                            Also, by any chance, would the high amount
        5. What U.S. swimmer won four medals at the      of D3 in my system have any correlation to a      female who has been unable to tolerate both
        2012 Paralympic Games in London and was          diagnosis of stenosis of the aortic valve? -- C.I.  liquid and pill forms of colonoscopy prepara-

        a contestant on Season 25 of ABC’s “Dancing      ANSWER: Vitamin D toxicity is not common.         tions. Therefore, my gastroenterologist has
        with the Stars”?                                 I have seen one case in my career requiring       been unable to complete a colonoscopy on me.
        6. Basketball Hall of Famer “Phog” Allen was     hospitalization, due to a very high elevation of   What are my other options? -- F.K.
        head coach of what college team from 1919-56?    the blood calcium level. Vitamin D increases      ANSWER: I would consider an alternate form
        7. South Africa’s senior national rugby team is   absorption of calcium from food through the      of colon cancer screening. Home stool tests
        commonly known by what name?                     intestines.                                       look for blood and DNA for colon cancer, or
        (c) 2023 King Features Syndicate, Inc.           In addition, calcium can come out of bones        both. The data on Cologuard (a commonly

                           Answers                       in people with very high levels of vitamin D.     available brand) show that it isn’t quite as good
                                                         With high vitamin D levels, calcium levels        as a colonoscopy, but much better than not
                                                         can also become dangerously high. Common          receiving a screening. However, if the result
                                       7. Th   e Springboks.
                                         6. Th   e Kansas Jayhawks.
                                                         symptoms of very high calcium levels include      is positive, you will certainly need additional
                                      5. Victoria Arlen.
                                                         constipation, nausea and vomiting, muscle         testing, which calls for preparation, possibly
                                     4. Joe Delaney.
                                                         weakness, kidney stones, and neurological         requiring you to get the preparation done un-
                                    3. Midori Ito.
                                                         symptoms, including poor concentration and        der supervision.
                                            2. Th   e Nebraska Cornhuskers.
                                       1. George Plimpton.

                                                         fatigue. These symptoms tend to happen at         Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer
                                                         levels higher than yours, above 150 ng/mL.        individual questions, but will incorporate
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