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                   GIFTS & FLORAL                                                                          1. Is the book of Yeshua in the Old or New Tes-

                                                                                                           tament or neither?
                                                                                                           2. What prophetess of about 84 years of age
                                                                                                           approached Mary and Joseph and thanked God
                 NEW LOOKS NOW ARRIVING FOR                                                                for the infant Jesus? Anna, Baara, Junia, Phoebe

                                                                                                           3. What phenomenon had led the wise men to
                        VALENTINES AND SPRING!                                                             the young Jesus and Savior? Whirlwind, Star,
                                                                                                           Rainbow, Rainfall of sparkling gold
                                                                                                           4. From Matthew 2, to what country did Mary,
                                                                                                           Joseph and the Baby Jesus flee? Jordan, Syria,
                         VISIT KAREN'S CORNER                                                              Oman, Egypt

                                                                                                           5. An angel appearing in a dream told whom

                           A “POP UP” SHOP                                                                 about the death of Herod? Mary, Joseph, Mat-
                                                                                                           thias, Rachel
                                                                                                           6. Where did Jesus live as a boy? Jerusalem,

                        inside VALLEY SIGNS                                                                Nazareth, Bethlehem, Bethany
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                           (Next to Orange Bldg.)
                                                                                                                                       6) Nazareth      1) Neither, 2) Anna, 3) Star, 4) Egypt, 5) Joseph,
                    Hours Mon-Sat   9:00-4:00

                                                               A Quiet - Adult Only Park

                                                           • Full Hook-ups   • Fenced Park
                Lic.#64700                       LLC       • Restroom        • Clubhouse       FREE

           WHERE THE WORK REMAINS UNDISPUTED               • Shower          • Extra Large Spaces  LAUNDRY
          -Residential          Pahrump &                  • Mature Landscaping  • Small Pets OK
                                                            2740 W. Ambler Way, Pahrump, NV 89060-1503
          -Commercial            Las Vegas                        775-990-2222
          -Tile Roof

          -Shingle Roof

          -Metal Roof
          -Polyester Roof

          -All Types of Flat Roofing


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